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In response to some recent research on bipolar over-diagnosis, there have been a few posts around about diagnosis stories and a call from CL Psych for Bipolar Over-awareness Week.  My own diagnosis story was a serious case of bipolar over-awareness.

When I recently looked over my records from my early diagnosis, I was surprised to read that my presenting complaint was an inability to regulate my emotions.  I cried very easily, and had difficulty controlling my tears for long enough not to cry publicly.  I remember how frustrating that was, how embarrassing to cry in front of my coworkers, boss and professors.  I’d had this problem as long as I could remember, and it seemed like if I hadn’t grown out of it by 20, there must be something really wrong.  Somehow, in the intervening years, during which I viewed my entire life through a bipolar lens, I forgot that this was the problem that took me through the door of the HMO mental health clinic.  On my first visit I was offered an anti-depressant.  I declined. I was then offered monthly psychotherapy.  At two or three subsequent “psychotherapy” visits I was primarily pressured to take anti-depressants and declined.  

Here is where the story gets murky, and where I have trouble parsing the course of events that spring. (more…)


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